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Move Database from Lite Version to Full Version
Last Updated 8 years ago

Note: This is not required if you upgrade the Lite version to full the full version! The unlocked Lite version is identical to the full version!

But if you want to get rid of the "Lite" labeling and you own the full version, you can move the database between these to version by following these instructions:

1) Make sure both Applications are not running

2) You can fine the database from the Lite version here:
~/Library/Containers/de.the-skylab.episodesLite/Data/Library/Application Support/de.the-skylab.episodes
Navigate to that folder by bringing up finder and pressing CMD+Shift+G

3) Copy over all content to the folder from the paid version:
~/Library/Containers/de.the-skylab.episodes/Data/Library/Application Support/de.the-skylab.episodes

4) Open the paid application. Your library should now be updated.

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